Kinzanji Miso Tane Koji (i.e. koji spore, koji kin)

Kinzanji Miso Tane Koji (i.e. koji spore, koji kin)


With this TANE KOJI (made by Hishiroku, from Kyoto) you can make fresh kinzanji koji for making kinzanji miso, mame miso, etc.

What is kinzanji miso? Kinzanji miso is mixture of kinzanji koji (mixed koji of rice, barley, and soy beans) and chopped vegetables such as eggplants,
cucumbers, shiso, carrots, ginger roots, etc.

The traditional koji maker, HISHIROKU, has been in business for 300 years in Kyoto.

Tane Koji 20g for making 15kg rice koji.
Tane Koji that can be preserved indefinitely when sealed.

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HISHIROKU has been over 300 years history in Kyoto JAPAN as a traditional Tane Koji company.

What is so special HISHIROKU TANE-KOJI?

TANE-KOJI, normally refers to spores of Koji-kin. However,spores themselves are weightless so it would float in the air instead of landing on the target. Standard home brewers do not have a professional Koji making facilities that can inoculate spores on the grains efficiently, but HISHIROKUhas the solution for it. After collecting spores, HISHIROKU grinds the rice grains into rice powder. This way, extra weight is added to the spores and they can fall straight down onto the target (rice grains). Now that is the reason why our Koji made from HISHIROKU TANE-KOJI always works perfect…