Tokoname Crock

Tokoname Crock


The TOKONAME CROCK is made from a red clay. The red clay is made up of different types of clay and iron, which keeps water absorption extremely low. The walls of the crock are made thick to prevent contents from oxidizing and protects against rapid temperature change, which lactic acid bacteria and yeast dislike.

In addition, the high-gloss glaze makes it is possible to sterilize the entire vessel, which protects fermented bacteria from hostile fungi. The glaze also protects the crock from changing color and absorbing odors. This makes it ideal for preserving foods high in acid and salt, such as pickles, miso, plum, bran pickles, etc.

Material: Ceramic
Size: 20.5 cm in diameter, 20cm in height (outer dimension with lid)
Color: White/Blue/Brown
Capacity (filled): 3.8 liters

Note: Because it is a pottery, there are some individual differences in size and capacity

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About the Company

Tokoname ware is one of Six Ancient Kilns in Japan, produced in and around Tokoname, Aichi prefecture. With over 900 years of history in its quality material and its manufacturing method, Tokoname crocks have been captivating a nation, for various fermented and preserved food making. Tokoname crock has not only upheld the traditional Tokoname ware, but also made an innovative approach to ‘update the tradition”